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Ron Paul believes that the United States is to blame for the attacks on September 11th.


Ron Paul is a member of the so-called "9/11 Truth Movement."


Ron Paul is an isolationist.


Ron Paul is a racist.


Ron Paul protects pedophiles.


Ron Paul is not a true Republican or true conservative.


Ron Paul supports people breaking the law by not paying their taxes (such as Ed and Elaine Brown).





He voted against the Iraq war.


He voted against The Patriot Act.


He has never voted to regulate the Internet.


He has never voted to raise taxes.


He has never voted for an unbalanced budget.


He plans to abolish the IRS.


He plans to abolish the Federal Reserve.


He plans to protect your rights, your freedoms, and your privacy.


He has faithfully served his country as a United States representative in Congress for 10 terms in the state of Texas.


He has always served in Congress as a Republican, and better represents his party’s position than any candidate running for the presidency in ’08. Period.


When great men challenge the powers that be – when they speak for what is right and for the people -- they are attacked by those who built those powers. This is especially true with Dr. Ron Paul. Ron Paul has an exceptionally consistent record, always defending the Constitution, always opposing anything that would undermine that document, regardless of the position of his party. This is a resource for all who have rediscovered liberty with Dr. Paul, and wish to combat the growing slander aimed against him. This is


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Please note that the collection of articles contained here were not written with the approval or involvement of Ron Paul or the Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign Committee. Rather, they were written as a donation of time, effort, and research, to as accurately as possible refute several myths about the presidential candidate, Dr. Ron Paul.